“Hidden Wounds”

(Veteran Claims Holding, Inc.)

An abundance of veterans often express that we are the initial contact for them as it relates to a listening ear and unbiased conversation when they are pursuing Mental Health Counseling or an Independent Medical Evaluation for a veteran’s disability claim. Veteran Claims Assistance (vetclaims.net) is an “evidence-based medical claims consulting company. We assist veterans in obtaining the benefits and compensation they deserve and are entitled to. Our objective is to relieve every veteran the duty of dealing with the Veterans Administrations administrative processes, and to ensure adequate and favorable mental health evaluations to assist in adjudicating veterans’ disability claims.

Our process begins with an intake form that can be completed via our website (vetclaims.net). Once the intake form is submitted, within twenty-four hours an intake officer will contact the veteran, or the veteran will schedule an intake interview via our website (vetclaims.net). The veteran then reviews and signs our Terms and Agreements. At Veterans Claims Assistance, LLC. (vetclaims.net), we are concerned about the mental health of every veteran we come in contact with through our claims process, therefore it is encouraged and mandatory that every veteran completes and submits a Mental Health Questionnaire to be reviewed by our medical team (Psychologist). Intake Officers and Claims Strategists talk with veterans to put all the pieces together to form an entire picture of a veteran’s military-based difficulties, impairments, and the context of what might be relative in-service injuries or incidents.

A determination is then made to do a Mental Health Evaluation and diagnosis. We believe that this evaluation is the most intricate part of the claims process. The Veterans Administration, through the claims process will oftentimes schedule a Compensation and Pension exam for a mental health evaluation through one of their contract agencies. These evaluations are almost never favorable for veterans seeking a service-connection for a mental health disorder or veterans seeking to increase their disability rating. Aside from the Veterans Administrations mental health evaluation, a veteran can solicit the services of a private doctor (psychologist) to do a mental health evaluation. These evaluations are accepted by the Veterans Administration in determining service-connection. Most private doctors reside outside the veteran’s healthcare network, therefore an out-of-pocket expense of $300-450 is charged and this is often the determination if a veteran will complete our claims process. We believe that every veteran who enters our claims process should be granted a mental health evaluation (and continued care) which serves as the most important evidence to a claim and the blueprint for any secondary evaluation that may be sought.

Last year Veteran Claims Assistance, LLC served over 300 veterans of which approximately 20% of those veterans could not afford the cost associated with a mental health evaluation/diagnosis. Furthermore, of the veterans who received an evaluation over half of those veterans were combat veterans (Vietnam, Kuwait, Iraqi, and Afghanistan) who had never spoken to a mental health counselor or had been diagnosed with a mental health disorder. In addition to this gross oversight, last year (2022) the National Veteran Suicide Prevention Annual Report reports approximately 6,000 veteran suicides.

Through Veteran Claims Assistance Holdings, Inc. (non-profit) we are soliciting partners to assist us in “Serving Those Who Served!” We propose that your organization/individuals give a charitable contribution to help offset the cost of a veteran’s mental health evaluation, diagnosis, and continued care.